HukumJelas BETA 🚧

This page displays a list of laws that are available on HukumJelas.

Alternatively, if you know a law exists in HukumJelas, you can navigate to its URL directly by using either its a) year and number, or b) nickname. For example, Undang-Undang 1 Tahun 1974 Tentang Perkawinan will be at

If you also know the exact Bab or Pasal you want to go to, you can also navigate to it directly! For example, Pasal 4 of UU 13 2003 is Bab 10 of UU 13 2003 is at

The search feature is still a work-in-progress. For now, if you want to get the best approximation for the search result, you can try to search the topics of the UU (ex: "Perkawinan", "Kawin", etc) or search the year and number of UU with the format "year/number" (ex: "1997/8", "2002/2", etc)

List of Laws